Road Freight Transport Company
case icon1Logistic Challenge 
  •  Opening another distribution center.

  • Need for multi-costumer and multi-platform warehouse management system.

  • Need for new processes and tools for control several logistic challenges: batches, expiration dates, tracking, EAN 128, etc.

  • Need for an automatic billing system for several activies and services provided to logistic clients: warehouse, picking, expedition, support procedures, etc.

  • Need for a multi-customer/multi-platform tracking system under cross-docking.

  • Standardization of labels used in transport logistics.


case icon2Solution
  •  Layout analysis of various facilities

  • Reconfiguration of administrative and operational processes

  • Instalation of Warepack Pro warehouse management system via radiofrequency (RF) in both distribution centers. 

  • Code bar management operationalization

  • FIFO, FEFO Management

  • EAN 128 implementation

  • Multi-client tracking system implementation

  • Platform for merchandise under cross-docking platforms in various cross-docking Iberian platforms.

  • Cross-Docking connection system to the company web platform (to monitor the orders status and location)



case icon3Results
  •  Better service level to logistic and transport clients

  • Optimization of operational costs and increasing of domestic warehouse services productivity

  • Scalable solution for new warehouses and delivery platforms

  • Response to new customer requirements – FIFO, FEFO, EAN128, etc.